North Georgia Christian Academy TestimonialWe are the Wimpey family. Our son Connor is in 2nd grade at NGCA. As an educator myself, I have been very impressed with Connor’s academic growth since attending the school. He is thriving academically and socially. NGCA is fully accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC). All of the teachers are state certified and several hold a Masters degree in education. We love the strong academic program and the integration of technology through computers and iPads in his classroom.

We are members of East Ellijay Baptist and are dedicated to teaching our children to follow God in all things. The extra exposure to God’s Word has been a huge bonus for Connor and for us! NGCA students study the Bible daily. In addition to memorizing scriptures and learning Biblical truths, they are taught to apply that knowledge to their own daily decision- making. Every day when I pick him up he has a smile on his face. He hasn’t had a “bad day” all year and that’s saying a lot for an 8 year old! He is loved, accepted and completely at home at NGCA.


Land FamilyWe are the Land family, and our 4-year-old son David is in the Pre-K class at North Georgia Christian Academy. He loves going to school! We are so thankful the Lord led us to this school, as we have seen David thrive socially and academically. Everyday we are amazed at how he comes home and tells us Bible verses that he learned!

The thing we love most about NGCA is the family atmosphere. As a parent, it is a comforting feeling to drop your child off at school and know the teachers there treat them as their own. Everyone knows everyone, and the school has become a true family to us.

We are grateful and very happy with NGCA. Our two-year-old daughter is already eagerly waiting her turn to attend 



North Georgia Christian Academy Testimonial- TallentWe are so blessed to be a part of a school system with a faculty that will partner with us to help mold our girls into the young ladies we want them to be. Of course, I believe that lessons in character and Christianity should start in the home (but no parent is perfect). I also believe that your family should be firmly planted in a good bible-preaching church (but that is typically limited to a few hours a week). But by adding a third element, a Christian school, I believe that you can make the foundation of your child’s life in God even stronger. (After all, school is where kids spend the majority of their time.) The teachers at NGCA love the Lord and they love our kids. They are able to see, appreciate, and cultivate the special gifts that each of them have individually, and they know that those gifts come from God. They laugh with them. They cry with them. They pray with them and for them. Often times when I hear my children pray, I can hear the influences that our school and our teachers have in their lives. I can hear their words come out in my children’s prayers. I can hear their appreciation of PRAISING the LORD. I can also hear their whole hearted belief that God can heal the sick, save the lost, and fix any and all problems we have. Yes, they hear that from me and my husband. Yes, they hear that from the church services we attend. YES, it thrills my soul that they also hear that and see that and can talk about that AT SCHOOL ANY DAY, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!

We are all sinners. We all mess up. My kids are no different. Recently, we had one of those dreaded times where I received an email from a teacher reaching out to me about something my child had done wrong. The teacher wasn’t looking to punish, but to correct, and guide in a godly fashion. In discussing this situation I was able to witness first hand the kind of love, compassion, grace, and forgiveness that they showed my child. Tears were shed on all sides about the special. unique gifts my child had and the great plans God had for her life. They, like me, want to see the best for her life. They know the BEST always comes from following God and doing what is right (not always what is easy, not always what is popular, not always what we ourselves desire to do). The best comes by realizing that God knows what is best for us.  The teachers and the administrator cared enough about my child and the lesson that could be learned from this mistake to reach out to me and not sweep this under the rug and let the opportunity pass. There was a lesson to be learned and through us all working together I believe we are a lot closer to her learning that lesson. They will never know how thankful I am for that and how much I appreciate the way everything was handled with such grace and encouragement.

The people that are around our kids will have an influence on them. That is life. I will never deny that there are some great Christian men and women that teach in the public school system (thank the Lord He put them there) but unfortunately most of them will have little opportunity to discuss God, the bible, or salvation in the classroom because of state and federal laws now. I hope their lights can shine bright enough that some students will see Jesus in them even if they don’t  get to talk about him much. Even more unfortunate is how there are many teachers in public school systems that have little to no belief in the Lord. Some, whether you know it or not, will try to undermine and discourage a child’s belief, all while parents are trying to raise them right. Sadly, those world-loving teachers will have influence. Am I happy to be sending my child to a Christian school where each and every teacher has a personal testimony and are held accountable for the way they live outside the classroom? You better believe I am, because I know that they WILL have an influence in my children’s lives. Do I think they are missing out on something bigger by not going to a public school? NOT A CHANCE! My children are in an environment where their lights are at liberty to shine…in a school slap full of other candles burning brightly for the Lord! That is what I call being blessed in abundance.

If you are reading this because you are searching for a Christian school, consider come shining with North Georgia Christian Academy! -Kenitra Tallent