The Georgia Tax Credit program is an incredible opportunity for North Georgia Christian Academy to build its scholarship fund and provide a means for more students to be able to attend the school! It is so easy to get involved in and is the easiest way to support our school and directly benefit eligible students.

You receive a dollar for dollar tax credit.  It is a tax pre-payment.  Anyone or any business that pays Georgia Tax can designate their tax dollars to this scholarship fund.  Instead of the State spending your tax dollars any way they choose, you get to say where it goes.

The first step to this program is getting the funds into our SSO (Student Scholarship Organization) account to be distributed to students.  As part of the House Bill, the State required SSOs to be set up to act as intermediaries between the State and the private schools.  Our SSO is the Georgia Student Scholarship Organization (GaSSO) and their website at  is a great resource to learn more about the program.

This program runs on a calendar year beginning each January and has a $100 million dollar cap statewide. The cap will meet quickly, so it is essential that you complete your online application early!

Steps to Designating Tax Dollars to NGCA

Step 1: Fill out the Online Application: Go to click on the Pledge icon that says Submit Your GaSSO 2022 Pledge.  No Money is Due at THIS TIME

Step 2: You will receive an approval letter from the Georgia Department of Revenue. 
It is now time to fund your pledge by visiting the same website  and clicking on the DONATE icon that says Click to Fund Your Approved 2022 Donation.  They have 4 funding options to choose from.  You have 60 days from the date of your approved letter to fund your donation.

Step 3: Notify North Georgia Christian Academy of your contribution by emailing .

Step 4: Be sure to include a copy of your approval letter with your tax filing to ensure that you will receive your tax credit.

It’s Really That Simple!!!

We Are Grateful For Your Contribution!!