I am very honored to annouce that NGCA placed very well today as we hosted five other Christian schools for the ACSI 1st – 4th grade Spelling Bee.

I would like to announce all the competitors and congratulate the winners for the effort and success.
1st grade- Ashlyn Poole, Jacie Bennett, David Britain, Miles Babcock
Jacie Bennett earned 2nd place!
2nd grade- Emma Moore, Lexie Pierce, Carley Osborne, Daniel Nicholson
Daniel Nicholson earned 4th place!
3rd grade- Thomas Scott, William Grubb, Christian Deneka, Brooke Holt
Christian Deneka earned 1st Place!
Brooke Holt earned 3rd Place!
4th grade- Devorah Bowman, Bella Swing, Hannah Vines, Jared Wilmarth
Bella Swing earned 2nd Place!
Hannah Vines earned 3rd Place!
NGCA won 6 out of the 16 possible placements!  More than any other school.
I would like to thank all the teachers and volunteers for helping with the Spelling Bee today.  It was a great success and all the visiting schools were very complimentary of their experience at NGCA.
Mary Pierce, Administrator