Casual Dress Day

2017-Dec-Fri All day
Address: 191 Harold Pritchett Rd Ellijay GA 30540

The last Friday of every month will be designated as a Casual Dress Day. Students will be allowed to dress in non-uniform attire on these days. Even in this more relaxed dress code, students are expected to exhibit a Christian example, by dressing neatly, and in a clean and modest manner. The casual dress day code is the minimum dress permitted at extra-curricular school events, such as clubs or athletic events, on and off campus. More specific guidelines are listed below:

Casual dress day guidelines are required for any school-sponsored function.

 Jeans are acceptable. (Appropriately sized & pulled up.)

 Shorts are acceptable. (Length must be no shorter than 3 inches above the top of the knee)

 Dresses and skirts (Length must be no shorter than two inches from the top of the knee

 T-shirts / sweatshirts are acceptable. (Symbols, pictures, slogans or patches must not take away from a positive Christian with environment graffiti and/or unacceptable symbols; all shirts must be of a tuckable length.) Sleeveless shirts must be at least 3 inches in shoulder width

 Tennis shoes with socks are acceptable and boots with a heel of two inches or less, open –toed sandals with a back strap are allowed (no flip flops)

 Hats are not permitted unless related to specific themed dress days and must be free of graffiti and/or unacceptable symbols. When hats are allowed, they must be worn in the correct manner with the bill forward above the eyes.

The following are prohibited on casual dress days and at all school events : Low cut, midriff, spaghetti strap, strapless, t-back, or backless blouses, shirts or dresses; crop tops, spandex or yoga pants. Leggings may not be worn as pants. Leggings may only be worn under a skirt or dress.