Belize Mission Trip | Why This Trip Matters

Belize Mission Trip


Belize Mission Trip

What motivates a school to take a group of teenagers on a 5 day Belize Mission Trip, to a country to work and to be the “hands and feet of Christ”? To be quiet honest, school officials felt like it would be good for them to experience a culture different from their own! It would be good for them to see that not all people live like Americans.  To see that many do not have the comforts that we all take for granted!  We wanted them to lay down their cell phones long enough to engage, connect, and serve!  We knew that this Belize Mission Trip experience would educate and change them forever; however we did not realize how much it would ultimately impact them.  Our project was working on a school where 150 Belizean children attend school.  The local government wants to shut it down because it needs so much work to stay operational.  During our Belize Mission Trip students worked long hard days in the hot sun scraping, painting, and cleaning the school without complaint, while taking time to interact with the students that attend the school.  After a fresh coat of paint was applied and some new bathroom fixtures were installed, our students were feeling rather pleased with themselves.  They began to notice that they were making a difference in the lives of others. Their comments were “it feels so good to help others”, “we are making such a difference that I wish we could stay longer” and “I really want to come back and do more. ”

Our Belize Mission Trip proved to be a great introduction to missions! Most of the students expressed the same sentiment that they had no idea that “mission work” was mostly about helping others. The students enjoyed the opportunities to give away Jesus Storybook Bibles and share the Gospel of Jesus with local children.  They worked on establishing relationships that will be built upon in the future.


Belize Mission Trip Belize Mission Trip

Coming Home From our Belize Mission Trip

On Sunday, Open Door Believers Chapel welcomed the group with open arms.  NGCA students assisted in leading worship songs during the Sunday morning service. The group enjoyed themselves as they worshiped with a Caribbean vibe to familiar hymns! The love of Christ truly transcends all nations, tribes, and languages. The church of Jesus Christ is not a facility or a building; it is a body of believers.

Completing Our Belize Mission Trip

To complete the Belizean experience the students were rewarded with a cultural excursion to the Mayan ruins of Lamanai. The trip began with a ten mile boat ride up the New Belize River where we encountered lush tropical trees and wildlife.  We arrived at the Mayan ruins and walked into the dense jungle to see the Jaguar and High temples.  We heard the local Mayan guide describe the unusual practices, culture, and history of the Mayan civilization.  It was an excursion that will not be forgotten.

Belize Mission Trip

Belize Mission Trip

We are thankful for all the prayers and support of the inaugural NGCA mission trip to Belize City, Belize. It was a great blessing!

Attending the trip was the Administrator; Mary Pierce, Board members: Jon Jones and Janice Durden, adults ; Randy Durden, Katrina Nix, Robin Nunn, Mickey Carver, Gabe Harrison, and Allison Stancil, students; Rachel Sanford, Brysen Garland, Taylor McBride, Emma Nix, Sam Hood, Cassie Caruso, Tina King Brooke Ford, Caroline Carver, Madison Stanford, and Evan Stancil,