3rd and 4th Grade Experience Cherokee Indian Life!

NGCA 3rd and 4th grade experienced a day in the life of a Cherokee boy (brave) and girl (squaw) in a hands-on study Friday Nov. 4th.
Activities consisted of making head bands, feather dangles, symbol stories, grinding corn between a pedestal and mortise, and making knives using authentic arrowheads. Students ate fry cakes for snack and tried a variety of lunch items typical of the Cherokee diet. Items such as venison stew, succotash, roasted squash and potatoes, and many corn products were on the menu. Students participated in Native American games of spear throwing and foot races. The day concluded with a dance around the fire known as the Corn Celebration Dance. lead by the newly elected Chief. This dance signified the importance of corn in the life of the Cherokee and it’s life sustaining power.
The study also recognized that although the Cherokee Indians did not have the Bible translated in their language till 1825 they were led to an understanding of God thorough nature as talked about in Job 12: 7-10 and Psalms 19:1. In the word of one of the students, “It was the best field trip ever!”